The Best Car Care Tips for Your Vehicle

If your are the proud owner of a vehicle – whether it be an old rusty Toyota Camry or a brand new Ford Falcon – it’s likely to be one of the bigger investments you’ll make in your life. Even if your car is ancient, it’s highly important that you do what you can to properly maintain it – inside and out! Proper (and regular) maintenance of your vehicle will help to ensure that problems are kept to a minimum – in fact, it can help you save thousands of dollars from costly vehicle repairs.

Car care is vital, and can be done for all types of vehicles, in any make, model and condition. To ensure that the car care doesn’t get on top of you, it’s important that you consider both interior and exterior maintenance on a regular basis. For the interior condition (i.e floors, seats, surfaces), it’s recommended that you care for it once every two months. For exterior condition, it’s recommended that you care for it every 6 weeks. And for the inside of the car (i.e. motor etc), it’s recommended that you care for it once every six months (given there are no problems that arise during this time with the performance).

Take a look through this ‘Caring for Your Car’ guide to learn everything you need to know about basic – but efficient – care for your car.

Car Care Tips

Why it’s important to take care of your car

Did you know that a small area of rust under your car bonnet can end up taking over your entire vehicle? Did you know that a lot of the time, when you break down on the road, it could have been prevented if your mechanic was able to see your car a few weeks earlier? Or did you know that getting that stain removed from your passenger seat could mean getting hundreds of dollars more when you go on to resell the car?

There’s so many benefits to putting some effort into taking care of your car – most of these are benefits you’ll reap further down the track, but they will sure be worth it! You could end up saving hundreds, even thousands of dollars by regular care for your car.

How do I know my car is worth maintaining?

If your car isn’t working and can no longer pass a Warrant of Fitness, you may want to consider whether it’s worth keeping the car or selling it on to upgrade to a better vehicle. ¬†An easy way to determine whether your vehicle is worth keeping or not is to bring it in to your local Melbourne car mechanic. They can perform some sort of vehicle inspection test where they can evaluate the entire interior and exterior condition of the vehicle. After a proper inspection, they will generally come back to you with some sort of report and let you know about any issues the car may have. You can ask them about their own personal opinion as to whether the vehicle is worth keeping or not – but keep in mind that they want to make money out of the repair work! If it’s only a few fixes here and there – perhaps that only require a bit of labour work and a few car parts bought from a local car wrecker in Melbourne – it may be worth the investment to keep.